Automate and Secure your home or small business with Boulder Mobile Locksmiths

Get all the benefits of a local company and local support with the infrastructure of a leading national company with over 3 Million subscribers!

Automate, Secure your home, business, Boulder Mobile Locksmiths

As your local locksmith we have always recommended that you secure your home or business with both; good locks and a good alarm system. So we decided to do the research and figure out what it would take to provide our customers with the same great service on their alarms, cameras & Home Automation as we have with their locks and we are proud to say that we have found a great solution that we can really get behind. We take the safety of our customers very seriously and you have trusted us with your locks now you can trust us with all your security needs.

Here are some of the solutions that we feel will provide a complete solution to anyone and that will encompass every need you may have with a modular design so you can build as you go. You can start with just a basic system and build the right solution that works for your specific needs and none of the things you don’t need. Monitor everything on our dedicated SmartPhone App.

  • Control your locks from anywhere
  • Save energy by controlling your thermostat and your lights while on the go
  • Monitor your video cameras to keep an eye on things in real time
  • Get a message from your garage if you forgot to close it
  • Fire and Carbon Monoxide monitoring, even flood monitoring
  • Professional Grade security for your home and business!
  • Patented “Crash and Smash” protection so no one can tamper with your system
  • The highest level of security and encryption
  • Not connected through vulnerable phone lines or cable but through Cellular
  • And More…

Automate, Secure your home, business, Boulder Mobile Locksmiths

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