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Winter Safety Tips: Your Automotive Keys

 Winter Safetey, Automotive Keys, winterizing your car, drop keys, car, house, You are likely very used to hearing lots of advice about winterizing your car: check the antifreeze, make sure all the lights work, check to see if your wipers need replacing, even make sure you have a kit in the back with a blanket, first aid, and flash light etc. in case of an accident or a break down. However, all of us think less about winter safety tips regarding automotive keys. It’s just because keys are usually so in the back of our mind until you can’t find them and only then you realize how important they are.

First, it is a good idea to use a key chain that is large and very brightly colored in winter. Why? It is not uncommon to drop keys as people open the door or trunk in snowy or cold weather—as their hands are often occupied with groceries or other packages and they are wearing bulky gloves. If you drop them in a snow drift, or when it is snowing hard, they will be much easier to find if they are significantly larger than keys, and immediately visible.

Second, if many of your keys look similar to each other, it is a good idea to mark them to be immediately identifiable. Why? When temperatures dip significantly, it can be important to get inside—to your car, house, or garage—quickly to avoid chill or even frostbite. Immediately identifying your keys will ensure that you never spend several minutes trying different keys.

Third, if you have lost or misplaced your remote, or the batteries in your remote are dead and you have simply been opening the door with a key, think about replacing the remote. During inclement weather, a remote is the fastest and safest way to open a car.

Fourth, now is a great time to get that spare key you have been putting off getting! The worst time of year to be without your car key is in winter and making sure you have a spare just in case you lose your main key could potentially keep you out of a very cold and dodgy situation. Here at Boulder Mobile Locksmiths we make keys for most makes and models of cars and we cover all of Boulder County including Longmont. If you only have one key to your vehicle, give us a call and we will provide you with peace of mind in the form of a spare key. Contact us to discuss your automotive key needs.

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