What Starts Your Car Now And In The Future?

What Starts Your Car Now And In The Future?

insert a key, ignition, start the engine, automotive keys, side-cut key, laser cutHow do you start your car today? Probably most folks get in the car, insert a key turn in the ignition to start the engine. They are using regular automotive keys with either a regular side-cut key or “laser cut” grooved keys. These types of keys need to be cut with a code key machine or key duplicator before it can be used. Most of these keys also come with a chip inside that needs to be programmed as well or it will not disengage the immobilizer and allow the vehicle to start.

Many of us may have driven cars or know someone, whose vehicle can be started with a push to start button. These cars do not require a physical key blade inserted into the ignition to start the engine, they just need to be in the proximity of the car to unlock the doors and start the engine when you push the button. They are simply called “proximity keys” and look just like a remote but often times they do have a “backup key” inserted into the body of it which is intended to allow you to unlock the door in case the battery is dead or the proximity connection fails.

A person who purchases a new car often suffers information overload so they may not even realize what type of key their car has, it is not until they lose one and need to get it replaced that they realize what they have can make it more difficult and more expensive to get a replacement key.

Many car manufacturers offer multiple options with their vehicles, a more basic model may only offer a bladed key that you insert into the ignition the “old fashioned” way and a higher end model may only offer you the proximity key option as they consider it a more “prestigious” option. It can come as a surprise later though when you need to purchase a replacement if one is lost or stolen.

Many people have the misconception that only the dealer can program these proximity keys to their car and it may come as a surprise to them to find out that many locksmiths have acquired the equipment with the capability to program them as well. There are of course a few newer vehicle models that are dealer only when replacing keys or having a duplicate made but we can soon catch up as our machines software is updated. In fact, locksmiths are the only ones other than car dealers who are allowed to have this capability and here at Boulder Mobile Locksmiths we are doing our best to keep up with all the technology and offer you another alternative to the local dealer.

So next time you need an expensive car key replaced in Boulder remember to check us out first, we just may be the best solution for you. We have the equipment to cut you a key and program it to your vehicle regardless of the type or method of starting your car it uses. Contact us and Boulder Mobile Locksmiths will have you on your way quickly and cost effectively.

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