Tips For Keeping Your Vehicle Safe From a Car Thief

Tips For Keeping Your Vehicle Safe From A Car Thief

Locksmith, Boulder, vehicle unlocked, hide-a-keyYou depend on your vehicle to get you to where you need to go. However, it is up to you to keep it safe from potential thieves who are looking to make a quick score and leave you stranded. Oftentimes, people don’t think the different things they are doing could possibly have any negative implications. Some of the things you think are normal could be putting you at risk of losing your vehicle or having it broken into. To help make sure your vehicle is safe and sound, here are some tips for you to follow.

Always keep the doors locked.

Regardless of whether you are at your house, a friend’s house, the grocery store or the bank, you need to make sure your vehicle is locked at all times. By leaving your vehicle unlocked, you are simply inviting a thief to take whatever he wants. It doesn’t take long for a professional to have your vehicle cleaned out so don’t make it easy for them.

Never leave the vehicle running.

Even though you might not think it is a big deal to keep your vehicle running in your own driveway or while you run back into the house for something, but it isn’t safe. A thief could hop in and take your vehicle in an instant. Unless someone is out there with it, don’t leave it running. Someone needs to be inside the vehicle or standing by just in case someone does try something funny. These days it is much harder for thieves to steal a car because they can’t just hot-wire a vehicle that has a built in immobilizer so what they do now is drive around looking for a car that is running with no one in it and then one of them just jumps in a drives it away…

Avoid keeping spare keys underneath the car.

Many people put spare keys underneath the car in a hide-a-key in case they lock themselves out. Thieves know to look under the car first and know a lot of the most common spots people place those in. Leaving your key there lets them hop in and be off in mere seconds. You are better off calling in a locksmith to come out and let you inside of your vehicle than you are keeping a spare underneath and taking your chances with someone stealing your vehicle out from underneath you.

Do not keep valuables in your vehicle.

Most car thefts that happen these days are perpetrated by opportunists looking for a quick score. If they can’t steal your vehicle due to it having an immobilizer built in they will steal what is in it. One of their favorite places to break in and steal purses and anything they can see from outside the vehicle is at gyms where a lot of people leave thing in their cars while working out. It is always best to get a locker and lock your stuff away in it than to have a thief spot it, break a window and take it.

In following the tips above, you can minimize the chance of something going wrong. It doesn’t take long for a thief to come in and rob you blind. Don’t give them the opportunity to take advantage of you. Make their job as difficult as possible and save yourself a lot of hassle and headache along the way. You will thank yourself for it in the end. If you ever have any questions about keeping your vehicle safe or any other lock or security related matter, feel free to contact us at Boulder Mobile Locksmiths.

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