Why You Should Change the Locks On Your Newly Constructed Home

Why You Should Change the Locks On Your Newly Constructed Home

Locksmith, Boulder CO, Change Locks, Newly Constructed HomeThe housing market here in Colorado is soaring. Houses are being build on almost every available lot in and around Boulder it seems. This means that many people are able to move into a newly constructed home built to their specifications.

If you are one of the lucky Colorado residents who is selling your old home and moving into a new build, congratulations! Also, we have a little advice that might seem strange. You should change the lock on your newly constructed home. Of course you have probably heard the advice that you should change locks on a home you buy that has been previously owned, but you might wonder why you should change the lock on your newly constructed home.

The builders who installed your door and your lock likely gave keys out to sub-contractors and laborers who needed access to your home during construction, many of those keys may not have made their way back into your hands when you moved in and took possession. If you are buying a home in a new neighborhood where many homes were being constructed at one time then all the front door locks on all those new houses being built would most likely have been master keyed to one key that is given to all the contractors working on those homes so that they don’t have to have access to each homes individual key, those locks are not de-mastered before you move in so every contractor that worked on your home potentially has the key to it.

Also, builders try to cut costs wherever possible. You may have noticed that your new home has very basic light fixtures and other building elements. The lock is no exception. The builders will include a very basic lock, but ideally you should consider changing these locks to something that more suits your lifestyle such as electronic keyless locks or a higher security lock to give you more peace of mind when you sleep at night that your locks will withstand an assault..

Contact us for more information on what locks may work best for you or if you just want to rekey the locks to a new key and de-master the locks on your new home. We would be happy to change out the locks in your home, whether it is a new build or you’ve lived in it for years.

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