Automotive Locksmith in Boulder Co. Weighs in on High Tech Automotive Theft

Automotive Locksmith in Boulder CO. Weighs in on High Tech Automotive Theft

Locksmith, Boulder CO, Automotive, key fobs, power amplifiersWithin the last year, the automotive world has been rocked to its core over news regarding a rash of thefts involving key fobs and power amplifiers. Perhaps you’ve heard about it already? The story was carried by a number of mainstream media sources, including The New York Times, ABC News and NBC. The majority of journalists covering the news advised car owners to place their keys in two places that could actually cause problems in their own right, the microwave and freezer. They widely indicated that doing so would prevent thieves from using high-tech hacks to abscond with people’s valuables in their vehicles. So as automotive locksmiths, we couldn’t help but weigh in too:

There are far better places to store transponder keys and the like. Let’s take metal buckets and anti-static bags as examples. They have long been used as makeshift Faraday cages. The same may be said for metal safes, lock boxes and other similar devices. That said, we recommend looking into one of those devices instead of relying on a freezer or microwave.

Although convenient, microwaves and freezers have the potential to destroy the keys in no time at all. Why? Extreme temperatures do not mix well with high security, remote and transponder key technology. Furthermore, most tech enabled keys can’t withstand ice crystals and microwave radiation either. So just imagine what would happen if the kids accidentally turn the microwave on when your high security car keys are still in it.

If you’ve already taken the journalists’ well-meaning advice and accidentally destroyed your car keys in the process, don’t worry. Our automotive locksmith services can help by replacing your high security/laser cut, remote and transponder keys. Plus, we offer emergency services that can help you regain entry and get back in the driver’s seat. To learn more and obtain the replacement keys you need, please contact us at Boulder Mobile Locksmiths today.

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