How You Can Hire A Locksmith You Can Trust In Boulder, CO

How You Can Hire A Locksmith You Can Trust In Boulder, CO

Locksmith, Boulder, You’re standing outside your home and you just realized you left your keys on the kitchen table. It’s a cold day in Boulder, and you would do almost anything to get inside. Unfortunately, locksmith con artists realize this and there are swindlers that prey on desperate people who just want to get back inside their home or car. Before you become a victim of a scam, here are some things to help you avoid such scams and increase your chance of working with a reputable company.

Legal name

After locating a locksmith company, you should call for a quote. Be wary of any company that answers the phone as “locksmith services,” or similar, rather than the name of a company or individual. If they answer with such a term, ask them for their business name and the name of the owner and if they are unwilling or unable to provide their information, move on. Also, if you ask them where they are located and they cannot tell you this is because they are in a call center somewhere in some other State and do not even know where you are located.


During the call for a quote, you should be the one to ask the questions upfront. If they start asking you for your location etc. before you are ready don’t give it to them as these scam companies will dispatch a tech before you have even given them the go ahead. If they give you what they call a “starting price” or tell you that the technician will give you the price when he gets there that again is usually a ruse to get you to give in and give them your info.

When the locksmith arrives, they should be able to provide an invoice with the company name, phone number and address on it. Also they should be able to identify themselves and their company to you without any trouble, if they are unable to do so, then ask them to leave and go with a different company. If they try to bully you into using them you can call the police and have them removed.

Cash Only

Ask about payment options both when you call for an estimate and then again when the locksmith arrives. All locksmiths should allow you to pay in cash or credit/debit card. If the locksmith insists you pay only in cash, they are likely a scammer and you should choose a different company.

The Quote

During the initial call, you should always ask for a quote. When the locksmith arrives, verify the quote. Some locksmith scams will provide a reasonable sounding estimate over the phone and then jack up the price by up to ten times the original quote, or more. As the saying always goes; “If it sounds too good to be true then…”

Never let them Threaten You

A common scam is for locksmiths to increase the price on arrival, and then threaten to call the police or damage your property if you refuse to pay the revised amount. If the locksmith threatens you, calmly excuse yourself and call the police.

Special equipment

Locksmiths are trained to use special equipment to open your locks, without damaging your door. If a locksmith insists on drilling out your locks, or comes without adequate equipment, then they are likely not reputable and you should choose a different company. Of course in some cases a lock cannot be picked and will need to be drilled but this should be last case scenario or on specific locks like Kwickset’s Smart Key locks that do not have normal tumblers but a different mechanism that cannot be picked or high security locks such as Medeco etc.

Extra Fees

Another common scam is to quote a price on the phone, but then add additional fees, such as overtime, travel, labor, or minimums. Be sure to ask about any additional fees during the phone call and upon arrival. If extra fees are added to the original quote when they arrive, then it may be wise to go with a different company. If these fees are added after work is performed, then you can refuse to pay them.

At some point, almost everyone will be locked out of their home or car. Don’t be left in the cold; following the tips above will ensure you hire a reputable locksmith who will unlock your door in a timely and inexpensive manner. If you are in or around the Boulder area and need a locksmith Contact us, Boulder Mobile Locksmiths are an A+ rated Better Business Bureau accredited locksmith company and have great reviews online on both Google & Yelp so you know you can trust that what others are saying about us is true, now you just need to experience it for yourself.

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