Call a Locksmith for Honda Ignition Problems

Call a Locksmith for Honda Ignition Problems

Locksmith, Honda Ignition Problems, Honda, ignition switch, High Security, key, BoulderHonda is known for making some of the most dependable cars in the automotive industry. However, Honda vehicles do have one common problem, which is an ignition switch that wears out over time. If you’re a Honda owner, here’s what you need to know.

Ignition Design

The ignition switch in many newer Honda vehicles (2003 & up) is made to work with their High Security key. These Honda models contain split wafer ignition switches, including the Accord, Civic, Pilot, Odyssey Etc.

These wafers wear over time from the constant thrusting in and out with the key and cause the wafers to contort until they start to get stuck. Not only that but the build-up of dirt and grime start to hinder the ignition and all these things together give you problems.


One of the first signs that indicate your split wafers are becoming worn is an ignition that becomes increasingly difficult to turn. You may notice yourself needing to play with the ignition when starting your car, and the key may also be difficult to remove. If these symptoms are not addressed, your ignition could eventually seize up, making it impossible to start your car at all.


When people experience these problems, their first reaction is normally to call a mechanic or the dealer. Most of the time the dealer or mechanic will likely recommend an ignition replacement, which is something that can cost as much as $400 or more on certain models. Not only that, but if you can’t start your car, it will need to be towed to the shop.

A better solution for Honda ignition problems is to contact us at Boulder Mobile Locksmiths. We can come to your location anywhere in or around Boulder County including Longmont, Lyons, Louisville and Broomfield and resolve the matter quickly, so there is no need for towing. Our technicians can also perform the work to repair your ignition at a fraction of the cost of a new ignition switch, so you’ll save both time and money.

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