Know Which Locksmith to Call Before you Need One in Boulder

Know Which Locksmith to Call Before you Need One in Boulder

Boulder Mobile Locksmiths, locksmith, Boulder, locked out, emergency, locksmith scamsMany people never give locksmiths a second thought until they are locked out. As such, they have no idea who to call in case of an emergency, and can easily fall prey to some of the common locksmith scams that are out there. Here are some of the common scams an unscrupulous locksmith might use to take advantage of people who appear to be anxious and desperate.

A common tactic used is the “bait and switch”, whereby customers are quoted one price, only to have it raised significantly once the actual locksmith arrives. Workers may make excuses, claiming car doors can’t be opened without breaking a window or otherwise damaging the door unless the new, much higher fee is paid. Many times, people are desperate and anxious for the ordeal to be over with, so they agree to the new charges.

To make matters worse, locksmiths sometimes then pad the second, higher estimate even further by adding additional “fees” and “service charges” that were not previously mentioned. Some will even hold onto a customer’s car keys, using intimidation tactics to force them to pay. An original estimate of $40 has resulted in charges of $250 after all the additional “add-ons” were calculated.

When dispatched to a home, fraudsters will sometimes disassemble locks and then refuse to put them together until after a customer has paid. Some locksmiths will erroneously tell people that locks need to be drilled out, when they can easily be opened with simple tools. Workers might also threaten to call police, or refuse to hand back a credit card that a homeowner had previously surrendered.

It’s often difficult to discern a dishonest company until after you have already fallen victim. For this reason, you should research different locksmiths ahead of time, so that you’ll have a name in mind should you ever need one. Here at Boulder Mobile Locksmiths, we have a longstanding reputation in the Boulder County area, and will never take advantage of our customers just because they’re in a bind. If you’re in need of emergency lockout services, contact us for dependable, honest and affordable service.

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