Boulder Mobile Locksmiths: When Should I Rekey My Locks?

Boulder Mobile Locksmiths: When Should I Rekey My Locks?

Boulder Mobile Locksmiths, Rekey, lock, home, business, house, key, locksmithHaving a good lock is one of the best defensive moves when you want to block out burglars from your home, vehicle, or business. However, having one of the best locks will only do so much. If the person who wants to intrude into your house has a key, then that amazing lock is useless. If you are not completely sure or you can’t remember who has a key to the locks, your defensive methods aren’t going to be so reliable. So, what other option do you have?

What Can I Do?

If your lock does not need to be replaced because it is in good shape, then there will be no need to completely replace the lock. A locksmith can rekey the lock for you. Basically, the rekeying process involves pulling the lock apart to change the pins that are inside the barrel. The tumblers of the cylinder will be replaced with ones of different sizes that will fit a new key and the old key will no longer work in the same lock. So, after the rekeying of the lock, a new key will be needed to open your home and you can decide then who gets one and who doesn’t.

Do You Worry That Someone Will Enter Your Office Who is Not Authorized?

If you are seriously worried about someone who has a copy of your key coming into your office because of a recent incident, you may need to rekey. Your employees probably aren’t going to break into your office or do any harm to your property but you never know about a contractor or ex-employee who may not have returned a key. If you are not extremely worried because you trust the people you gave a key to, then you may not need to rekey.

Who Has Access?

If you have forgotten who has one of your keys, or you no longer want someone to have access to your property, you should consider a rekey. This can actually happen more than people may think. Many times people may have a dispute with a contractor who does not complete a job or a domestic dispute with someone who you no longer want entering your home. This can certainly happen in a business setting. If someone has been let go from the job, the business may decide it needs to rekey so an upset former employee cannot get back into the building or office. If someone loses a key, there will be no way of finding out who has that key now. Choosing to rekey the locks will be the best solution to preventing someone from using that lost or stolen key.

When you give your locks a brand new start, you will once again have control over who can receive a key to that lock. Contact us for assistance or for any answers you may need about when you should rekey.

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