Boulder Mobile Locksmiths: Kwikset’s Kevo Technology Turns Your Smartphone Into a Key

Boulder Mobile Locksmiths: Kwikset’s Kevo Technology Turns Your Smartphone Into a Key

Boulder Mobile Locksmiths, Kwickset, Smartphone, Key, Kevo, Smartlock, BluetoothKwikset has answered the call from techies on creating an intelligent lock-and-key system. The Kevo key, or Smartlock system, uses a Bluetooth enabled deadbolt to activate or deactivate your household or commercial locks. Convenient and versatile, this new locking system provides the utmost in security and safety.

Even though this cutting-edge lock technology seems like it may be hard to set up, it is actually a similar setup and install to most regular deadbolts. Your locksmith can install the Smartlock system to ensure correct function of the lock. Once the system is installed you simply download the Kevo app to your smartphone, iPad, or other handheld device.

Once the app is installed you can lock and unlock your deadbolt with the touch of a button. Another great feature of the Kevo is the ability to allow other users access to your keyless entry system. You can send electronic “keys” to friends, family, or service providers and are notified whenever an individual enters or exits your home or office.

Monitoring your keyless entry system is easy when on vacation or in a remote location. Since each entry system and virtual key is unique, you can see who is entering or exiting a location and at what time. You can control administrative options for key dispersal and entry allowances right from Kevo’s app. This feature allows temporary access for certain keys, and also has the capability of denying certain key access for security purposes.

Kwikset has revolutionized home and office entry with the eKey Smartlock system. Offering total control and monitored security for each user is a tremendous benefit of incorporating an eKey system.

For more information on eKey systems, contact the experts at Boulder Mobile Locksmiths. We can help you choose the right lock system for your home or office. Boulder Mobile provides Automotive, Residential and Commercial locksmith services and are mobile for your convenience. Call us anytime day or night if you are locked out of your home or vehicle 24 hours a day.

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