Battery Powered Door Prop Alarm Possible Key to Boulder Campus Security Success

Battery Powered Door Prop Alarm Possible Key to Boulder Campus Security Success

Boulder Mobile Locksmiths Door Prop Alarm Campus Security high securityUnfortunately, school security has been forced into the limelight recently as devastating attacks continue across the country. Each entryway is a vulnerable point of entry to intruders who wish to do harm. Our most vital asset is our wit and ability to outsmart the potential assailants. As new security technology becomes available, we get one step closer to total protection for our loved ones.

Recently, companies have focused on how we can make access points in school and commercial buildings more safe. In some instances it is an inadvertent move made by an unsuspecting accomplice that allows an intruder to gain access. Door propping is an innocent action that can have devastating consequences. How can high security locks and security access systems work if a breach is caused by human – not tech – error. The key to our success is the implementation of secondary alert systems.

The newest form of secondary alert system is a battery powered door prop alarm system. This system alerts security personnel to an open access door within the security grid. This smart technology alert system can assure school administration and commercial building management that systems will not be compromised due to a simple accident.

These prop alarms can work on their own or in conjunction with high security locks, card access systems, or lockdown systems. The alert system is powered by a battery; therefore if power is somehow cut from the main security system, the 100 decibel alarm system will still sound to alert those within of possible danger.

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