Boulder Mobile Locksmiths: Increase In Vehicle Theft Reports In Boulder

Boulder Mobile Locksmiths: Increase In Vehicle Theft Reports In Boulder

Boulder Mobile Locksmiths car theftThis is hard to believe in this day and age but here we are again reading about a recent increase in reported vehicle thefts and break-ins in Boulder. The Daily Camera just reported in mid February that at least 5 cars were stolen and 6 broken into in a string of car break-ins within a span of a few days and more were being reported at the time the article was written. This just goes to prove that even today you cannot be too careful with your property.

It is always our recommendation to lock your car up, especially if it is parked out on the street. Do not keep any valuable items like skis or snowboards during this winter season, laptop bags, purses or anything else that especially can be seen through the window. Take your keys inside and put them somewhere that is also not in plain sight of any window, preferably in a draw in a dresser or something like that.

Since many vehicles cannot be started these days without the actual key that is not only cut to your vehicles door locks and ignition but is also programmed to your vehicles immobilizer a thief cannot steal your car without first stealing your keys. In the old days a thief would just need to break-in to a car and hotwire it but not anymore. We get a lot of calls from people who tell us a set of their keys has been stolen, we can then typically make them a replacement key and reprogram the immobilizer to work only with the keys they now have, and not the old key that was stolen. But even though we can do this in many cases, it is still very important that you guard your keys today as they have more value to a thief than ever before. Don’t just throw your keys down on a table at a restaurant and then walk away or leave them in your coat that is just hanging and not in a locker at the gym. Think of those keys as valuable as the car itself as you can bet they are to any thief!

Due to this it is wise to look at your locks on the home as well as I would not put it past some diehard vehicle thief to break into a home to steal your car keys. If your locks can be easily bypassed or tampered with to allow them to get in then not only your vehicle is at risk but your safety as well. Always use your deadbolt at night as door knobs are the most vulnerable to jimmying. If you have any concerns at all about the security of your locks on the entrances to your home call us today for a security consultation. We are offering a free visit consultation for the entire month of March to anyone who has concerns about their home security. Calls us today to set up a time for one of our technicians to evaluate the security of your home.

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