Boulder Mobile Locksmiths: Gun Safes Proving Best Firearm Theft Deterrent

Boulder Mobile Locksmiths: Gun Safes Proving Best Firearm Theft Deterrent

Boulder Mobile Locksmiths Gun Safe locksmithIn recent Locksmith news, Sheriff Departments around the U.S. are claiming gun safes are proven to be the best way to protect your firearms from theft. Each year the ATF develops a statistic report for firearm theft, last year the ATF reported over 1.4 million firearms stolen. That is a record number, and many speculate recent changes and attempts to change firearm laws has caused the almost 48% hike in weapon theft.

The Sheriffs Departments stated that those who do not properly store their guns within their home are unwittingly allowing the black market sale of unauthorized weapons. Their solution to the problem includes installing a safe that is hard to move within your residence. The safe should be awkward, heavy, in an unsuspecting location, and if possible, bolted to the floor.

Though it is currently the right of every American to bear arms, it is the owners inherent responsibility to keep weapons safe from the hands of thieves and children. The Sheriffs Departments noted that firearm purchase permits have nearly doubled, and education about gun safety and proper storage is imperative to keeping unauthorized weapons off the streets.

When purchasing a firearm, be sure to find a gun safe that can protect your weapon, in turn protecting others in your community. Boulder Mobile Locksmiths offer safe installation, repair & cracking services for individuals who may have lost the combination or key to their gun safe. If your keys are stolen, or combination may have been compromised, it is extremely important to have your Locksmith crack the safe so you have access to your weapon and can still use the safe so it can once again be properly stored.

We also offer safes for sale and typically can order any safe you require from AMSEC (American Security), Gardall, Mesa and more. Call us to talk about your needs for a safe and we will help you find the perfect safe for your specific needs. If you require safe cracking services or need to change your combination please contact the experts at Boulder Mobile Locksmiths. We also offer lock out services 24/7 for your convenience.

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