Boulder Mobile Locksmiths: A Brief History of the Locksmith, 1939-1950

Boulder Mobile Locksmiths: A Brief History of the Locksmith, 1939-1950

Boulder Mobile Locksmiths Antique Keys LocksmithDuring this era, a locksmith was considered more of a craftsman and less a sole occupation. Locksmithing was usually offered by those who repaired guns, bicycles, or machines. In the early 1900s, a locksmith was known for creating his her her own tools of the trade and was an innovator; often continually perfecting the process of creating keys, cracking safes, and developing locking systems.

Before Kiel Turret machines were created, the locksmith created keys using hacksaws and files. Keys were often large and did not fit easily into the pocket until the “folding key” was invented. This allowed large, long keys to be stored in a jacket pocket or lady’s handbag.

At this time in history, commercial and residential locks were not very different. High security type keys and locks did not exist and Rim knob style locking mechanisms were becoming more popular. These systems replaced flat locks and were mounted on the inside of doors to prevent break-ins.

Due to war efforts, lock designs did not change much until 1946. At this time the Corbin company came out with the first Post type code cutter for creating automotive keys, revolutionizing the industry of auto manufacturing.

In 1948, Harry Miller created the first combination padlock. This type of lock was created for the purpose of locking bar cabinets to deter theft. The success and popularity of combination padlocks led Miller to adapt his invention for use with filing cabinets and safes.

For generations, locksmithing has proved to be one of the most useful and innovative trades in the U.S. The industry has concentrated not only on innovative design and development but has also preserved the craftsmanship and artistry of the original profession.

At Boulder Mobile Locksmiths, we continually work to improve our customer’s experience. Whether you are locked out of your home or car, or are in need of specialty locking mechanisms to protect your valuable assets. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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